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Severe Drought in Spain: Vegetable Garden Drought in Europe

Severe Drought in Spain: Vegetable Garden Drought in Europe

Spain is considered the vegetable garden of Europe. But large parts of the country have been suffering from severe drought for months. Fruit and vegetable crops are at risk and cereal farmers are also suffering from drought.

‘Prospects are not good’

Environmental expert Sergio Vicente Serrano is very worried: “If it does not rain again soon, the yields in dry farming, that is, fields that are not artificially irrigated, will be greatly reduced. This applies, for example, to fields of winter grain, which are usually provided Exclusively with rains.The prospects are not good.If it continues like this, the harvest will be greatly reduced and the prices will go up.

Other countries in Europe have similar problems. The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service is sounding the alarm and says agriculture needs to be rethought.

“It usually rains heavily in southern European countries in the fall and winter, but that wasn’t the case in many of those countries this season,” explains Samantha Burgess, deputy director of Copernicus.

“So we started the growing season this spring with very low soil moisture,” Burgess continues. You should look for new technologies to use less water. It is about recycling more water and changing our behavior to use the available water as sparingly as possible.

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