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Sevierodonetsk was taken, but heavy Russian losses

Sevierodonetsk was taken, but heavy Russian losses

According to the situation report issued by the Ukrainian General Staff on Thursday, Russian forces attacked Sevgerodonetsk intensively. It is unclear how many neighborhoods in the former city are still controlled by the Ukrainians. The Russians had already captured the city center on Wednesday. Battles in the suburbs bobro And the Ustenivka But now it is said that the Russian forces have had no success, despite the support of grenade launchers. In return, the Ukrainian army abandons the Russian offensive komisovacha At least “partial success”. urban settlement south Lyschansk.

Air and missile attacks

Other areas also reported air and missile attacks on Thursday night and in the morning. “Four cruise missiles were fired at the enemy. They were shot down from the Black Sea,” Maxim Kositsky, head of the military administration in Lviv, western Ukraine, said on his Telegram channel on Thursday.

Accordingly, the night missile attack targeted railway targets in the neighborhoods you will see And the samper. Explosions were also heard in the coastal city of Odessa in the morning. While Kosytzkyj Five wounded, the authorities spoke of the attacks in Odessa There is no information yet.

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