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Ukraine news: Putin ‘seriously ill’

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to: Helen Grace

Rumors persist about the state of health of Vladimir Putin. Now a former British spy is speaking out about Putin’s illness.

Update from Monday, May 30, 1:30 p.m.: Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health continue to spread. Recently, the head of Ukrainian intelligence provided new details. Putin suffers from “several serious illnesses”Kirillo Budanov explained. His statements cannot be independently verified. Now the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, commented on the state of health of the president.

Lavrov and Putin in 2017 (archive photo) © Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP / dpa

First report on Tuesday, May 17th at 10:45 am: MOSCOW – There is new speculation about diseases around Vladimir Putin. Former British spy Christopher Steele commented, claiming that Putin is seriously ill. Steele, who also has a file Donald Trump And the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, he said in an interview with Sky News: “What we have received from sources in Russia And we hear elsewhere, Putin is actually seriously ill.”

However, the disease cannot be determined exactly. Steele spoke regarding an audio recording by a Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin that claims The Russian president suffers from leukemia is being. However, the Kremlin continues to reject all rumors that Vladimir Putin is ill.

Putin seriously ill? Rumors about the health of the Russian president

In the recording of the oligarchy we must hear it Putin has already undergone surgery for his leukemia It was conducted shortly before he was ordered to invade Ukraine. The British tabloid Mirror has already reported that the Kremlin chief was in the middle of The conflict in Ukraine You could be about to have cancer surgery.

According to the British “Independent” news site, a “top secret memo” has been sent from the headquarters of the Russian Internal Security Agency, asking the heads of the regions not to trust rumors about the president’s intractable condition. The Independent cites New Lines magazine.

Putin’s illness: Experts examine the position of the Russian President

Then the former British spy Steele said that even if Putin was ill, it was still difficult for others to influence his actions.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation about the health of the Russian president. During Russia’s Victory Day celebrations, Putin’s posture was said to have been scrutinized by body language experts. As the British newspaper The Independent reported, Putin’s swollen face and unsteady gait could indicate he was taking medication for an illness. (Mercury)