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She is 81 years old and learning to drive with her grandson

She is 81 years old and learning to drive with her grandson

(photo: Printscreen/YouTube)

An 81-year-old woman named Vinka Djordjevic from Mali Vrtop near Gadzin Han (Serbia) gets behind the wheel for the first time and discovers her passion for driving.

Her grandson Yovan gives her the time and patience to live her new passion. Vinka, who usually works all day in the country, is particularly happy to spend time with her grandson at Driving.

She always wanted to learn to drive, but didn’t get the chance when she was younger. Her grandson is now helping her fulfill her long-cherished wish. She has already tried herself in many cars such as Lada, Golf and Buggy, but her favorite is the famous Balkan classic “Fico”.

“It was unusual for her, but at the end of each trip she finds it very interesting. She is persistent, she really wants to learn how to drive well,” said her grandson Jovan Mitrović.

When asked what kind of tires you currently have, I answer Grandma Vinka: “I think summer tires.” And about the speed at which she usually drives, she said that she drives as much as her grandson decides.

The two can often be seen on sports grounds, which shows that it is never too late to learn new things and pursue your dreams, regardless of age.

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