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PlusCity loses its luxury brand: GANT closes its store in Linz

PlusCity loses its luxury brand: GANT closes its store in Linz

Linz. GANT Dach GmbH has announced that it will close its store in Linz on May 27, 2023. Only three branches remain in Austria.

The original American lifestyle brand GANT, as it describes itself, is known for high-quality and especially expensive fashion. It is represented all over the world and is also known in Austria. The company currently operates four branches in Austria, one of which, the one in Linz, is supposed to have a date by the end of May. It wouldn’t be the first time GANT closed a branch in Linz – in 2016 the one on Mozartstrasse closed.

to retreat

Until the spring of 2016, GANT operated several stores in Austria, which were also doing well in terms of sales. Despite all this, in February 2016 GANT Dach GmbH announced that it was withdrawing from Austria for several years and all branches were closed. Austria is not the only country where GANT has pulled out, this also happened in Portugal, Sweden and America, where there is no single branch of the brand anymore. Most of GANT’s former subsidiaries have been taken over by Italian brand Napapijri.

Return that now fails

Two years later, GANT returned to Austria and opened the first store in Vienna’s Donauzentrum after a two-year break – a few months later he opened the store in Linz’s PlusCity. The store in Vienna’s Donauzentrum has already closed, and the branch in Linz will follow in May. When asked, GANT customer service justified the closure of the Linz site with too few customers and insufficient future expectations.

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