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Sheeter: Restarting EU-US relations – EU must finally become more capable of pursuing foreign policy

Chairman of the SPÖ-EU delegation: “The EU and the United States must work together to gradually shape the global agenda.”

Vienna (OTS / SK) Tomorrow, EU leaders Ursula van der Leyen and Charles Michel will meet with US President Joe Biden for a summit in Brussels. SPÖ-EU delegation leader Andreas Sheeder sees good opportunities for hasty start of EU-US relations: “With Joe Biden, the United States has once again become a reliable and constructive partner on the world stage. When the EU and the United States work closely together, there is a strong global voice for diplomacy and human rights. Against the backdrop of complex conflicts, for example in the Middle East and Belarus or in Russia and China, the ever-worsening situation regarding democracy and fundamental rights is more important than ever. To do this, however, the EU must finally gain greater sovereignty and the ability to operate on the basis of foreign policy. To be truly taken seriously as a global player in international relations, consensus policy in foreign policy must finally be eliminated. Otherwise the EU’s clear stances against dictatorial regimes and important foreign policy issues will be repeatedly blocked by individual countries such as Hungary. ”

However, Sheider said the first few months of Biden’s presidency made an impression on the EU. “The United States has once again become part of international climate diplomacy, the tone of EU-US trade negotiations has increased, and we are looking for collective solutions to problems with punitive tariffs and subsidies. Is the driving force behind a progressive agenda and the EU is welcome to learn one or two about it. ”(Conclusion) Above

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