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USA: Committee investigates spying on US reporters and MPs under Trump

Judicial Committee of the US House of Representatives, then Spy on reporters and members of parliament Under the former president Donald Trump An investigation was opened. Democrat leader Jerry Nadler said Monday (local time) that the most recently known cases are private cases.

However, these incidents “raise serious constitutional and separatist concerns.” Congress needs to make it “too difficult” or impossible for the judiciary Spy on congressmen or journalists.

According to media reports, during the Trump administration, the Ministry of Justice secretly accessed telephone data from the press and data from several Democratic MPs.

Two members of the House Investigation Team, including current chairman Adam Schiff and Eric Schwell, were among those killed. New York Times Announced. Data were also requested from their staff and family members, including a minor.

Nadler explained that if it was a deliberate attempt by the Trump administration to target political opposition, the full extent of this “abuse of power” must be understood and those responsible held accountable.

Minister Carland: We need new rules

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland addressed the MP on Monday. The court also ruled that Carland had met with representatives of the New York Times, the Washington Post and the broadcaster on Monday. CNN Met. The need for new rules was discussed.

The ministry reiterated that in the future, if there is an investigation into the disclosure of confidential information of an informed person, the data of journalists will no longer be accessible to obtain information about their sources.