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Shereen David posts censored story on Instagram: Is she engaged?

Shereen David posts censored story on Instagram: Is she engaged?

The singer shared a story in which she covered her hand with a heart-shaped emoji. Is Shereen David hide the engagement ring?

Is it or not? Some users asked themselves when they saw Sherine David’s Instagram story. The 26-year-old is currently traveling in Paris and has appeared in a restaurant reading a menu. But she covered her right hand with a heart-shaped emoji.

Does the rapper want to hide something here? On Twitter, users and fan accounts have posted theories about the emoji. Some users suspected that the rapper had been engaged.

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Shereen David denies rumors of her engagement

Fans of the musician will be disappointed now, as Shereen David has denied the engagement rumors on Instagram: “You all, I’m not engaged, don’t you know me and my spray tan spots?” The rapper wrote another story.

Accordingly, the 26-year-old wanted to hide her hand which was riddled with self-tanning spots, which she thought might not be pretty enough for an Instagram story.

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Will Sherine David marry?

Last year, rumors swirled that Shireen David was said to be engaged to her manager, Taban Jafari. The singer also denied this assumption in a YouTube video. David explained, “Me and Taban are not engaged. Taban is managing.”

She points out that her male colleagues don’t speculate much about the possibility of a connection. “Why don’t you respect that in a woman?” David asked.

But if the singer is already engaged, then fans will definitely notice her. David said, “If I get engaged, do you know what kind of ripple I’m going to make?” She explained in the post that she was “too far” from the idea of ​​walking down the aisle.

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