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Then we will have a wedding.

Then we will have a wedding.

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Licelot: “Unfortunately, I look younger”

When it comes to makeup, models go for head hair. Shorter, blond, colored, longer – or gray. everything is possible. Lislott knows that, too. She highly expects to get gray hair. “Unfortunately, I look younger,” she begins. In any case, strangers will often notice.

“If I want to be a model for you, then I have to look at what I am. I’m always jealous of Barbara. That’s why white and gray wouldn’t be bad. So I could represent my age group,” explains top model Heidi Train her thoughts. The head of the model is shocked: “Of course we don’t!” Liscelot is fine with that, too. She jokingly replied, “So you’re making me younger. That’s not bad either, then I’ll find another man, Heidi.”

New makeover, new man?

At least that’s what Lislott seems to fear: “I’ve been single for 15 years. Ah, I don’t have any peace anymore. All men call after that,” she jokes. “You’re always with your guys, Leslot,” says Heidi. “They definitely line up around your house.” Then the supermodel candidate shook her head hard. “I don’t want anyone anymore, Heidi.” She adds in the interview: “It’s hard when you grow up. I was always thinking, what are they talking about [älteren Frauen, wenn sie sagen]: I still miss it. Then I have to cook for him and I need to take care. They don’t want that anymore.”

Heidi: “Maybe the letters will come to you now.”

Lislott has a clear assumption about why people think differently about the topic at such a young age: “I’m still in control of my hormones.” “Your hormones are still all there,” Heidi speculates. The top model later commented on the topic again: “The topic of men is huge for Licelot. She always says they don’t interest her at all, I don’t really believe her. I think he’s cute too. I’ll be. Glad if it means finding the man of her dreams in the future ” .

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Turning to Lisloot, she said, “Maybe the messages will come to you now.” Then she turned to the camera: “Please send with a picture. And the video would be great too.” “Then we’ll have another wedding in the final,” adds Heidi, smiling.

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