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Shin Megami Tensei 5 - Test, Rollinspiele, Nintendo Switch

Shin Megami Tensei 5 – Test, Rollinspiele, Nintendo Switch

Winchester Hut: The End of the World

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is located in Tokyo, a traditionally popular destination for any extraterrestrial force fighting for humanity’s global demise. This time, the distant city became the scene of the final battle between God and Lucifer. The villains are victorious and leave the devastated world. Of course, there must be a hero who should put everything back on track. In this case there are two. The game starts as an ordinary Tokyo student who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. By sheer strange coincidence, he is transported twenty years into the future and ends up in a post-apocalyptic world. Shortly before he falls victim to a local group of demons, the young man is rescued by a mysterious being named Aogami.

When a student touches the stranger’s helping hand, the two merge through a supernatural bond and become Nahobino: an ethereal being made up of two souls. As a Nahupino, you embark on a long journey to discover what happened twenty years ago and whether the world can be returned to its ancient state. Most of the action takes place in four spacious and open areas in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Ruined buildings and important monuments rise from sunburned deserts or bleak landscapes. As a player, you will spend a lot of time in this

Above all, the look design and the effects stand out visually. On the other hand, the surroundings could have been more diverse.

Spending levels, but almost the same is presented visually to you. Even if this fits with a post-apocalyptic site, the design of the environment feels uninspiring and uncertain in the long run. The unreal technology used in this field is not exhausted.

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catch everything

Shin Megami Tensei 5’s focus is not on tours, but on encounters with the monsters that live there. They are also very careful to get exposed to your skin and if you are not careful, they will attack you from behind. As a Nahobino, you can easily avoid them and even escape. As soon as you attack a demon or touch you, the screen switches to combat mode, as in many other RPGs of this genre. Clashes are classically turn-based, so if you ask your opponent to fight, it’s your turn first. There are many elementary skills like b- fire, ice, light or shadow and also things that can be used. You and your opponents have strengths and weaknesses that you want to exploit. The more you exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, the more moves you get. This can get to the point where your opponents have absolutely no chance of launching their own attack. So choose your tactics carefully and find out your opponents weaknesses as quickly as possible.

Jack Frost is a companion who attacks opponents with ice attacks.

Jack Frost is a companion who attacks opponents with icy attacks and looks a little different than one might imagine given his origins in English folklore.

In order not to be completely alone in the battles, you can recruit the demons you meet on your journey to your group. Since there are no random encounters in the game, you can mostly choose who you want to interact with. With each interaction you have two options: either you fight demons to gain experience points or you talk to them to get them as a companion. In order for often deceptive beings to be kind to you, you have to negotiate with them. Depending on the character of the charlatans, you have to either give the correct answers to their questions or give them gifts that can sometimes be very expensive. With them, you can make a team of three demons, each of which has its own strengths, weaknesses and tricks. In addition, you have the option to always keep additional demons with you in reserve, who, like active members, can level up after winning battles.

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