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Showdown against Altach – WSG Tirol vs. Coach Fury – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Showdown against Altach – WSG Tirol vs. Coach Fury – Vorarlberger Nachrichten



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Fights against Altach - WSG Tirol against the wrath of the coach

In the German Bundesliga, two group qualifier matches are scheduled for Saturday at 5:00 pm. For SV Raid, a relegation bogey would have been as good as if his home win over Altach was at the bottom. For WSG Tirol, the home match against Admira is all about making adjustments after a 6-0 defeat at LASK. WSG coach Thomas Silberberger threatened his teammates with expulsion from the team if they lacked the will to perform.

0:6 It doesn’t disappear so quickly in Silberberger. After defeat at the start of the qualifying group against LASK, the long-term WSG coach took his team to take on the tasks with sharp words. “It’s time to make up. If you are not ready against Admira, you will definitely play your last match in WSG clothes,” said Silberberger. “I’ll take them home in a taxi if they don’t walk on Saturday.” Only Captain Ferdinand Oswald was explicitly excluded. Silberger said he was “the only one next to me who got shot in the club”.

Andreas Herzog, coach of Admira, has to rebuild his involuntarily winning team from the 2-0 win over Reed. Striker Marlon Mustafa and left back Leonardo Lukasevich are ill and defender Luan is also missing after a torn hamstring. “The Tyroleans will throw it all away after last week’s defeat. We have to be ready from the first minute,” warned Herzog. His team is two points ahead of the next opponent. Two notable series are under scrutiny: WSG is unbeaten against Admira in seven league matches. On the other hand, Südstadter is unbeaten in six away matches.

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SV Ryde, who lost to Admira last week, could eliminate almost all relegation fears early on Saturday with a home victory over bottom-ranked Altace. If Upper Austria wins in the second round of the qualifying group, the difference to the Altachers, who scored poorly, is already ten points. “A defeat will bring the Altas closer to us, with a win we will have a good gap with them,” says RED coach Robert Ebertsberger.