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Siemens-Aktie: Siemens schlägt Deutsche Bahn als ICE-Netz-Betreiber in Ägypten vor

Siemens: Siemens proposes Deutsche Bahn to be the ICE network operator in Egypt | 06/04/22

As the operator of the high-speed network in Egypt, for which contracts have just been signed, Siemens operates Deutsche Bahn.

“An outside company will take over the operation. This could be very interesting for Deutsche Bahn,” said Michael Peter, Head of Siemens Mobility Rail at Süddeutsche Zeitung. For about 8 billion euros, Siemens is building a 2,000 km high-speed rail network for Egypt, where ICE will be used, among other things. It is the largest order in Siemens history. Siemens will later maintain the trains, but the network will be operated by a third party. Siemens is already a major supplier to Deutsche Bahn, including ICE technology and signals.

Siemens Mobility announced the main order a week ago. “The negotiations were very difficult,” Peter told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “We won in the end against Chinese rival CRRC and against Alstom.” In the end, trust in Siemens was also important. According to Peter, trains and signal technology for Egypt come from Germany, from factories in Krefeld, Munich-Aalach and Braunschweig. There are already inquiries, for example from the neighboring countries of Egypt. “The dream is to drive all the way to Cape Town,” Peter says. There is also great interest in ICE in the USA. “For example, we’re very active on the Los Angeles-Las Vegas road,” Peter says.

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