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Simply design and send flyers and flyers yourself.  » Leaders

Simply design and send flyers and flyers yourself. » Leaders

With the Austrian Post’s SimplyWerben online service, you can easily create and send advertising mail with one click.

SimplyWerben is the online service of Austrian Post, where you can now easily design and order advertising mail yourself. Send flyers, unaddressed flyers or targeted direct correspondence – with SimplyWerben you can reach your customers all over Austria with just a click. When and wherever you want.

Create a ready-to-send promotional item in just four steps

  • Choose from handouts, untitled posts or targeted direct communications,
  • Enter the shipping date you want,
  • Select the distribution area you want or upload existing titles,
  • Design your advertising mail according to your ideas. Been completed!

Swiss Post takes care of printing and shipping

The Post takes care of high-quality printing on Austrian printers and the shipping of your shipment. Not only do you save valuable time, but you can also ensure that your high-quality advertising mail is guaranteed to reach your recipients.

This is how we guarantee access to your customers
In order to reach your customers in a targeted way, you just need to define the delivery area of ​​your flyers and flyers designed by yourself and according to your ideas.

Swiss Post offers free address checking for those who advertise using addresses. Only addresses that can be delivered for print and mail are released.

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