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Since the start of the US withdrawal, the Taliban have captured ten Afghans ...

Since the start of the US withdrawal, the Taliban have captured ten Afghans …

Dawlatabad fell to the Islamists on Tuesday night. The area has been under siege for a long time. A frustrating situation for the morale of the state forces.

The Islamist Taliban fighters have entered Afghanistan It captured an area again after the international forces began to withdraw. A number of provincial council members confirmed to the German News Agency that Dawlatabad, located in the northern Faryab province, fell to the Taliban on Tuesday evening. This means that since the US and other NATO forces began withdrawing on May 1, a total of ten districts have fallen into the hands of the Islamists. Afghanistan It is divided into about 400 regions.

Dawlatabad district has long been surrounded by the Taliban. But in the past week, the Islamists tightened the siege ring. The local councils said that the security forces in the center of the district could no longer be provided because the Taliban had taken control of the highway leading to the district. The police and army finally fled to the nearby Andkhoy district that night.

Afghan fighters complain of lack of support

Provincial council member Fadel Haq Mohammadi said that the security forces described the escape as a “tactical retreat.” The situation is now very complicated. The soldiers would no longer obey the orders of their commanders, they would lose their morale. As in the Qaisar district, which fell to the Taliban on Monday, the forces did not receive any needed support.

According to a UN report, the Taliban captured five local centers over the past year, four of which were recaptured by the government within a few days. Experts fear that Taliban attacks will increase as US and other NATO forces begin to withdraw. It is unclear how much international forces support government security forces at present. Withdrawal must be completed by 9/11 at the latest.

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