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Singer Ramstein Lindemann at the Russian Military Festival

Wearing a white tuxedo and a black shirt with a white tie in front of the Kremlin in Moscow: Ramstein singer Till Lindemann (58) performed in the Russian capital at the Spasskaya Pachenga military festival on Red Square.

The singer, famous in Russia, presented his version of the heroic Russian song “Beloved City” last night – in Russian. Lindemann’s appearance was so impressed by the state newspaper Rossicaja Gasita that the audience was “extremely enthusiastic”. “The stands literally exploded with applause that turned into long applause.”

Reuters / Moscow News Agency

The music festival was previously canceled

A week ago, a music festival, which Lindemann was also supposed to perform, was canceled due to pressure from the authorities. Officially, the action was reportedly justified by coronavirus restrictions.

Lindemann himself was visited by the police. According to Interfax, a warning was sent to comply with the relevant requirements when it appeared in the city of Tver, northwest of Moscow.

Defense Day

There is no longer any trace of this excitement. Various military teams performed at the festival of the Russian Ministry of Defense, led by its head, Sergei Shoigu. There was an amazing fireworks display.

Lindemann was announced as a guest star. Rossiyskaya Gazeta (online edition) wrote admiringly, “His snow-white jacket looks graceful.” The multi-day festival should end today.

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