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Siri, am I sexy?  Apple Watch for temperature sensors

Siri, am I sexy? Apple Watch for temperature sensors

There have always been rumors that Apple will release a file Watch Series 8 With a temperature sensor. There are no further details yet on how to implement this. A patent for a high-resolution sensor now granted to Apple could provide new information.

  • Apple is working on an advanced temperature detection system.
  • The system offers an unconventional design and can provide accurate temperature measurement.
  • It is unclear if the sensor will be used in the Apple Watch Series 8.

From MyHeathyApple The patent found was filed in 2020, but was granted to the Cupertino-based company just this week. It describes a complex temperature gradient sensing system that differs significantly from an infrared sensor, for example, in Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Uses. The said approach has notable advantages, including a smaller footprint and accurate measurement of body temperature throughout the day, which can be deployed to other form factors as well.

The temperature probe consists of a temperature sensor and a differential temperature probe made of a flexible and thin substrate that can be designed into many shapes. This substrate has two ends, one of which is connected to the special temperature sensor, the other end becomes one on any surface or bottom of the glass Apple smart watch Attached to the skin directly.

Apple patents the temperature gradient sensor on the Apple Watch / © USPTO

Benefits of having a graduated temperature sensor on your Apple Watch

Due to the many limitations of current and conventional temperature sensors, an advanced system can remove many barriers to providing accurate temperature measurements. In addition, manufacturers can reduce the space required for the device without sacrificing the accuracy of measuring body temperature. Last but not least, the Apple system may be less susceptible to fluctuations in external temperatures when measured.

It is not clear if the device will be found in the Apple Watch Series 8. However, the technology could also be integrated into other devices. For example, you can Next AirPods It is used to measure the temperature of the wearer through the inner ear. Ultimately, it is believed that Apple’s goal is to expand the usability of its devices.

Do you find the temperature sensor in your Apple Watch exciting or do you not need the feature? Let us know in the comments!

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