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Stream smoothly with Fire TV Stick: How to activate Frame Rate Matching

Stream smoothly with Fire TV Stick: How to activate Frame Rate Matching

How do I configure a FIRE TV stick?

Frame rate matching allows Fire TV to always play streaming content from Netflix and Co. smoothly and without vibration. This is how you activate the function.

If you have fire tv It seems to be haunted because the tracing shot stutters strangely in a gorgeous 4K broadcast or actors move unnaturally across the screen as in ‘Loop’, there is usually a simple explanation for this: if your stuttering is not due to a poor internet connection happening , the problem may be playing an incorrect frame rate.

If the number of frames per second played in your broadcast content is not adapted to the display’s playback rate, the recordings will be compressed or stretched – and the end result on your TV screen will look unsmooth.

To avoid this annoying effect when streaming, Amazon has equipped its Fire TV devices with intelligent frame rate matching, which means: if the function is activated, the playback device automatically adapts to the frame rate of the content and nervous stuttering and jumping streams are a thing of the past.

Is the stream still jerky? Then the internet connection can be to blame. may help them Connect Fire TV Stick to the Internet via LAN.

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