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Site Zero: This is the largest plastic sorting facility in the world

Site Zero: This is the largest plastic sorting facility in the world

Motala I, a sorting system also built by German plant manufacturer Sutco, was commissioned at the same site in 2019. Thanks to renewed investment by Swedish recycling company Svensk Plaståtervinning in the site, today’s Motala II sorting plant is the newest and largest in the world .

“About 33 percent of plastic packaging is recycled in Sweden,” explains Matthias Philipsson, CEO of Svensk Plaståtervinning. “However, there is still a lot of recyclable material missing. There is great potential here that we want to exploit.”

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Phillipson continued: “Since 2019, we have successfully recovered four different types of plastics that can be recycled. Today, with the latest technology, we can take another step forward and achieve our new goals.” The entrepreneur’s new goals are “zero waste, zero recycling, zero emissions.”

Thanks to 500 tons of steel, countless conveyor belts with a total length of about five kilometers, numerous infrared sensors, inspection drums, ballistic separators, the latest exhaust technology, intelligent bunker management, fully automatic baling presses, pressing and circuit systems Enclosed, the plant is capable of processing 42 tons of material per hour and recovering 12 different types of plastic from packaging waste. This doubles the incoming volume compared to the first sorting system that has been in operation since 2019. More washing and granulating systems are also scheduled to be installed by 2025.

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