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SK Rapid :: Choose the Rookie VARTA 2022/23!

SK Rapid :: Choose the Rookie VARTA 2022/23!

Last summer, Rapid and its long-term partner VARTA announced the following:

VARTA SKRAPID Ramping up their long-standing partnership with Premiere: In All Current Games Bundesliga season 2022/23 Become Rapid’s youngest self-made Start 11 player in a VARTA starter jersey in the ADMIRAL Bundesliga Return

the new bullish concept Celebrating premieres in the Austrian Bundesliga: six youngsters who made it to the professional via the green and white academy and | Or SK Rapid II Nominated to the 22/23 Rookie Team: Youngest player and thus Varta rookie of the match, the game starts with a single-breasted VARTA brand. The aim is to highlight the young talents of SK Rapid, who have already proven their skills on the pitch many times, last but not least, SK Rapid has recently released most of the players from all the local clubs to various junior national teams. . At the end of the season, the best young man is also waiting for him Varta Rookie Award. You decide who gets it! All players who have worn Varta’s junior jersey at least once will run, including Yusuf Demir, who moved to Galatasaray Istanbul in September, and Oliver Strons, who was on Varta’s rookie squad in the spring as his “replacement”. came. Incidentally, the currently injured Leopold Koerfeld played most of the games in Varta’s rookie jersey, and goalkeeper Niklas Heidl, who should return to full training this week after suffering from a shoulder problem.

App users will find the option under the action menu item and poll all registered users can cast their vote until next Friday (2:30pm)! Otherwise just vote here!

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