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SC Hohenruppersdorf – Salvation after a year

SC Hohenruppersdorf – Salvation after a year

What do Hohenruppersdorf, Club 83 Wiener Neustadt and Krumau have in common? Until the weekend they were the only men’s combat teams in Lower Austria without a win in the season. Particularly curious: The three finally managed to win again at the weekend.

Interim coach Andreas Solinger’s first win turned out to be a real thrill. The match was balanced on a moderate level, with both sides creating chances. Unlike other spring games, where SCH eventually ran out of air and lost the approach point (Sulz, Stetten) or faced disaster (Langenzersdorf, Groß-Schweinbarth), Hohenruppersdorfer managed to beat this time. Thus, Sebastian Vembek scored his first goal of the season in the 84th minute, remaining the only goal in the match. “We were happy, as if we had won the Champions League,” says Johannes Kohl, head of the department.

The turbulent final stage only started with the goal, after all there were three red cards between the 89th and 91st minutes: Kreuzstein’s Philipp Groeger saw a straight red for a foul, teammate Patrick Putz after a shot against David Bilongic and also SCH-Joker’s Christoph Koch got a traffic light card. But in the end, they were able to celebrate their first victory since June 11, 2022. The opponent at that time, Ulrichskirchen, will be back on Friday.

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