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SK Rapid :: Podcast with our Vice President

SK Rapid :: Podcast with our Vice President

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger is on…

… team spirit in management:

We put Rapid a little differently. We have introduced a three-person management. With Stephen Hoffmann and Markus Katzer, we have two who hold a stronger position in the sport. It is important because it is about playing soccer and winning while playing soccer. At the same time, we have a third general manager or maybe in the future also a managing director. This management trio must work closely together as a team. I no longer want confrontation between sports and business.

Priorities and resource management:

“I see It’s good that Rapid is doing an incredible amount, and an incredible number of good initiatives are starting. But I’m actually taking the whole thing to a strategic level. Because all organizations are always interested in using resources as efficiently as possible. There must be a bigger strategy behind the scenes. In order to assess the priorities that are currently being set in light of the given resource conditions.”

… a newly created sustainability strategy at SK Rapid:

“I’m with Rapid did not start developing concepts that were not implemented. There will soon be a sustainability strategy and there are considerations as to where we should focus and what impact that should have. We will use this to measure whether we have been successful in these areas.”

.. Searching for a new board of directors:

We want one A person with administrative experience in the fields of work. And who, of course, has a gravitational pull to sports and is a collectivist. I assume all applicants know a little bit about what you’re getting into when you apply to Rapid. The idea is to stay broader at this point in order to have a wider range of applications and then be able to choose accordingly. ”

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.. The timeline for the search for the new board of directors:

“We are going now Shortlist for orientation, hearings and interviews. I hope by June we will know who he is. We don’t know yet what specific constellations this person is in: are there other notice periods or deadlines that this person must abide by? September 1st will be the last time I hope for that person to show up.”

…the pace of the Presidency’s work:

Speed ​​is set because We as the Presidency of the Republic are behind it. We have organized our Executive Committee into three committees. A committee dealing with sports affairs, a committee dealing with economic issues, and there is a committee dealing with organization. This committee immediately started taking the entire platform and looking at the board structure. There is already a concrete proposal on how we want to change the platform. At the end of November, we would like to go to the Annual General Meeting with a proposal for a new Articles of Association.”

… women’s football at SK Rapid:

“I have the subject of women’s soccer BAcquired by SK Rapid in the sense of certification. But in fact, it is in the hands of Stephen Hoffmann, who is very involved in this matter, because, of course, professional know-how is required here too. There is a separate focus group that dealt with the topic. The plan is that we will have a concrete concept at the end of March or the beginning of April. Vision training courses will be held in the fall. And next year you can say: 125 years have passed, but the time has come. SK Rapid women’s football team will play! ”

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...Fast route change from Prater to Hütteldorf:

“Sprinting always makes for a great day For families and for children. Apart from the fact that a lot of money is being raised for a good cause. We are very confident that we will be able to make our 10th express tour to Hütteldorf in September 2023. Preparations for this are well underway. My colleague on the Executive Committee, Stephane Kjer, is very much behind it.”

Guests from local and international sports businessmen

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