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SK Rapid :: The green and white crowd invests in a dream start!

SK Rapid :: The green and white crowd invests in a dream start!

Over €2,200,000 has already been invested – the initial funding limit of Rapid InvestTOR 2.0 has been increased to five years due to high demand!

The official sign-up period for the continuation of the most successful fan investment in Austrian football to date began on 28 May. Under the logo “Shaping a green-white future together” I will however Rapid InvestTOR 2.0 Two independent chips (Slide 1: Duration of 5 years; Slide 2: Duration of 10 years) With A Financing limit from now on 1.5 million euros each progress. They both offer one Very attractive interest rate, the long-run variable is slightly higher. In addition, investors can: Attractive key interest rates (Between 5 and 8.5%) and at different levels Bonus benefit Benefit when the SK Rapid men's professional team participates in the group stages of all three UEFA competitions (between 1 and 6%, depending on the competition). This is new Choose the interest ratewhich is the usual alternative to Pay interest in cashbut also new Form of couponswhich can be used, among other things, to purchase tickets (annual or daily tickets including SK Rapid Business Club) or promotion.

the The demand is more than encouraging, especially after the shorter alternative, for which the temporary financing limit has been increased by another €500,000 to €2 million. On vacation yesterday It exceeded the amount invested in both tranches Already limiting 2.2 million eurosthe The maximum initial financing for both tranches combined now stands at €3.5 million!

Young talent, women's football and sustainability are at the heart of crowdfunding

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In which areas should and can green and white investors now “Shaping a green-white future together”? The top priority is to make further improvements Youth workBecause today's green and white talents are, at best, tomorrow's numbers and bring important transfer fees. Green and white should also be enhanced Football for women and girls. Maintenance and expansion of infrastructure No less important topic for the future than the topic Sustainability In times of climate crisis.