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SK Vorwarts Steyr: Madlener goalkeeper change - new No. 1 and 98 - second division

SK Vorwarts Steyr: Madlener goalkeeper change – new No. 1 and 98 – second division

Change the goalkeeper in SK Steyr striker، ADmiral League Two Graduated after the departures of goalkeeper Bernard Stodding and Thomas Turner, there was a need to work in the position between the captains of coach Daniel Madeliner. The gap is now closed with newcomers Valerian Hüttner and Florian Eres.

Jürgen Troscher, the midfield of new striker goalkeeper Valerian Hautner and Florian Ayres-

“We were able to win exciting characters for Vorwarts Steyr”

Jürgen TrocherSports Director: “Our goal was to reposition ourselves here. We want to inspire young and strong goalkeepers who can take the next step in their personal development and organize and direct our game from behind. With the signings of Valerian Huttner and Florian Ayres, we are confident of the near future. I am sure we have been able to win exciting youngsters. Team SK BMD Verwarts Steyr”.

Valerian Hautner will wear the number 1 jersey, Florian Iris with number 98. Regardless, the number one goalkeeper has not been clearly appointed beforehand. Performance and development potential will be crucial. In this context, it was important for us that both boys fit in with us in terms of character and push each other and improve in training.”Trocher explains.

The return of Valerian Huttner

After being injured last summer and then a year on loan (autumn in St Valentine, spring in Grün-Weiß Micheldorf), 21-year-old Valerian Huttner returns to SKV.

“The year I spent on loan was very beneficial to my development and was also very important to my return from injury. Getting started after a four-month break was not easy, but the coaches gave me their confidence and I came back well.”Valerian Huttner looking back. “Because of the many matches training, I developed a routine. Overall, I was able to learn a lot mentally as well as improve physically.”

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During this time, he did not lose contact with SK BMD Vorwarts Steyr. “It was clear from the start that we didn’t want to lose sight of each other. I was allowed to train at Steyr as much as I could, and I always came to Steyr for goalkeeper training on Wednesdays. But I was also there for a week after the winter break at the start of training before it even started. in Micheldorf”.

Jürgen Troscher is pleased with the return: “Vale is a technically strong goalkeeper who has demonstrated his abilities many times in the past and is currently making a significant contribution to Grün-Weiss Micheldorf’s upward trend. I am delighted that together with Valerian we have a top Austrian talent in SKV in this position.”

“I am working hard on myself and my skills and I hope I can help the team with that. I am very happy to be back at Steyr now.” Valerian Huttner himself says he is also happy to be able to focus fully on football again. Because last year Valerian graduated from the army and experienced first-hand how difficult such a double burden can be.

“I think I fit in well here.”

23-year-old Florian Ayres moved from the Bundesliga to Austria Lustenau to Volksstrasse.

“Florian is a tough and boisterous goalkeeper, who was not considered a great goalkeeper talent for anything in his last year. We are delighted that he would prefer the challenge in SKV to promotion to the first league and shows how passionate he is about the job.”Jürgen Trocher demonstrates the quality of a newcomer from Ländle.

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Florian Ayres is looking forward to his new assignments: “The club made the decision very easy for me. I felt comfortable from the first second. It was important for me to go to a family club. I only heard good things about the company. I think I fit in well here.”

Fans were also a reason for Eris’ decision: “I am a player who needs fans behind me. I am a noisy goalkeeper myself. The closer the ball gets to the goal, the more I can sound. I can also assess the risks and safety very well.”

For Florian Eris, it is the first stop far from Vorarlberg. He was born in Hohenems and played alongside Austria Lustenau with Hohenems and Schwarz-Weiß Bregenz. Its outdoor station (FCO St. Gallen/Wil U18) is geographically a stone’s throw from Vorarlberg.

“This is how we grow as a team and as a club.”

“Of course I have to do a lot with my move – whether it’s promotion with Lustenau or being close to family, friends and girlfriends. But this is the next step in my career. I can’t wait to show my qualities and prove myself.”Excited, Iris.

His goal for next season is definitely to be No. 1. “I know he is not set and I have to work for him. I have always worked on myself in the past. Despite competing in the goalkeeper position, I am convinced that Valerian and I will benefit and learn from each other. This is how we grow as a team and as a union.” .

Image source: SKV

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