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Ski tests!  Here's what Marcel Hirscher has to say about the new comeback rumors - winter sports

Ski tests! Here’s what Marcel Hirscher has to say about the new comeback rumors – winter sports

Marcel Hirscher is moving, engaging and caring – even more than two years after the end of his career.

Each of his encounters with Snow is linked to rumors of his return. A new wave was launched only recently when the eight-time World Cup winner posted a photo of himself in the pole jungle on Instagram, with the words: “Okay guys, I’m honest with you guys. I love and love this sport so much. Racing gates are just the best. More to come.”

Words that suggest time and time again make the red, white and red skate people dream of returning to the World Cup. After all, the 32-year-old recently used the best terms on Reiteralm to test his Van Deer skates for the World Cup entry.

In one of his rarely seen public appearances on “Sport und Talk” in Hangar 7 on “Servus TV”, Hirscher can’t avoid the question of his future plans. The obvious answer to the question of whether he doesn’t want to skate his World Cup skates is: “No, I can’t keep up with the speed anymore. I don’t run it anymore, and I don’t want to. To do it.”

This isn’t the first time Hirscher has called pressure to act as the side effect he’s been missing out on to say the least. “Don’t forget to skate too fast, but I don’t like to perform, perform, perform day in and day out. No thanks! It’s really fun every now and then, gives me a lot of happiness because I’ve been doing it for so many years and I carry in me how it works and works.” But is that pressure to perform? No, thank you.”

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The winner of the 67th World Cup is still ambitious, in a different way, even if he is said to have been part of the fastest ÖSV sprinter during test drives. “The trial work has begun and there is still a lot of fun. Above all, it’s no longer about being a part of the fastest in the world in every training session, but rather that we are gaining experience and getting closer to it every day.”

Aside from skiing, Hirscher continues to live the adrenaline rush in motorsports. The priorities in skating have also shifted. An ideal day would roughly include a morning on the racetrack and an afternoon. But slowly, fans of the red, white and red skate, for whom Hirscher is still crying, will have to come to terms with the fact that the Salzburg man may not return to the World Cup in a competitive fashion – but he may be. Building a successor with his own brand of skateboarding.

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