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SKN Juniors – Vollenhofer can imagine staying with the Young Wolves squad

SKN Juniors – Vollenhofer can imagine staying with the Young Wolves squad

It was a rehabilitation process in a light version. After their last lackluster performance in Heitzendorf, the SKN Juniors came up short against a Wr team, who played strongly in the spring. Neustädter initially reacted.

The first half went to Young Wolves, who had good chances until goalkeeper Baranyi Ulvestad scored a goal from 30 meters after a sharp back pass from Fahrengruber. The ball slid under his foot and entered the net. Then the plug was pulled, as SKN's defense helped a lot as they scored the second goal from a corner kick, shortly after the break.

“Two goals that could have been avoided,” said coach Thomas Wollenhofer, who had to do without Mina and Chimane on short notice. “The chances were not good for Wr. For Neustadt, the trio meant they were named the best away team. Due to the renovation of the stadium in Stattersdorf, SKN played their last home game in Ober-Grafendorf. The Juniors are winless in eight matches, but collected at least a number of points from five draws.

Schutz gives orders

The season ends in St. Peter's. “It will be difficult,” Wollenhofer already knows. Because there are losses not only in the coaching sector (Daniel Schutz takes over in the absence of Wollenhofer and Paetsch), but also in the players sector. After the professional reinforcements resigned weeks ago, some of the boys will also be absent due to school. “At least we can count on those who played less,” says Vollenhofer, deriving something positive from this.

The coach indicates his willingness to continue with the youth team despite other offers. Unlike the departure of other players, nothing has been fixed yet. Bazaliev and Fahrenberger will leave the club.

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