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Pete Bearer is in the hierarchy in the four-racer/MotoGP team

Pete Bearer is in the hierarchy in the four-racer/MotoGP team

Along with the move to KTM in 2025 by Enea Bastianini and Maverick Viñales, it is also clear: there will be four identical bikes for four riders. Motorsport Director Pete Perrier explains how the captain's identity is determined.

Next season there will be four factory KTMs. The GASGAS branding will not be announced after the end of the 2024 season. Owner Hervé Poncharal's Tech3 chassis will appear with the all-new driver pairing with the same KTM factory team colors.

KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer: “It was an interesting time as we presented a presence for different brands. But we believe that the project is stronger when it has a four-rider lineup, Red Bull KTM. I am very grateful to our partners, Red Bull will stay with us It is also considered a four-driver team. The distinction between the factory team and the satellite team is now gone.

What does the hierarchy look like within this quartet? Bearer has provided a clear criterion.

Bearer: “We spoke with the four guys about how we will work in the future. We will offer four identical machines. It starts with one step before that: we want to integrate each driver with the environment and then offer identical material at the beginning of the season.

There will be no captain at the start of the season. Pierer: “We don't want to announce the team leader at this stage. We told them: Performance will decide. Everyone has full support. The plan is not to bring new parts to the track for just one driver. But there may come a time when you have something new and better.” , but you can only deploy it on one pilot and then the best in the World Cup points will get it so the team leader will be the one who ranks farthest in the World Championship standings for our drivers, the second and then the second, etc. So there will not be a single garage for the factory team And one garage for the satellite team and the factory. The team gets everything first, but it's up to the boys to get the materials.

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New arrival Maverick Vinales is reportedly not keen on Jorge Martin taking over the driving position at Aprilia. Everything is open now at KTM. Bearer: “So I didn't tell Ena or Maverick that he would be our new team leader. We want both of them and we want them to perform. It's a race! The strongest will win, and the strongest will be the leader.”