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Skull and Bones – 30 minutes of the best pirate gameplay, players are still skeptical

Skull and Bones – 30 minutes of the best pirate gameplay, players are still skeptical

fresh from The final episode of The Deck Ubisoft offers another 30 minutes of gameplay Skull and bones, which will appear in a few months. Despite their best efforts, the players are skeptical.

in This new video Dedicated to the history of the game and also answers some of the questions the community has had over time. Portions of the game’s multiplayer are also featured, immersing players in various investigations.

“Skull & Bones Investigations is a way to tell the story in multiple phases,” says narrative director Joel Janis. “The player follows a lead that they find interesting and is likely to be given a lead to some kind of treasure…but also tells a story about our species and our world.”


This happens, among other things, when the player finds the bottles in which messages have been left, the famous message in a bottle. But you can also find diary fragments, get hints from characters in the world, etc., which tell a story. Skull and bones I continue

fan Skull and bones? Then don’t miss the following video:

Players remain skeptical

What Ubisoft so far Skull and bones appears, leaving players very skeptical. In this context, missions often seem empty and unimaginative. You can see in Skull and bones Huge potential is simply not being used.

Instead, they are trying very hard to make a GaaS game out of it Skull and bones Soul steals. For example, the user writes:

“I would like to play a game about pirates. An action story, interesting characters, ships, sword fights, ascents, duels, treasure hunting, discovering new lands. Like RDR 2, but about pirates.
But this feels like a cheap, free-to-play MMO created to make money from micro-transactions.”


In other places, developers are already being pitied for being forced to work on this project. Ubisoft is in real trouble here, because it is now Skull and bones A long period of development has swallowed up so much money that it can’t seem to be a failure. Perhaps the reason people rely so heavily on microtransactions?

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Can Skull and Bones continue to be successful? what do you think?