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Slideshow: This was Tristach Kirchtag

Slideshow: This was Tristach Kirchtag

She’s been quiet on the Tristacher Tratte for three years. The joy was even greater when the Tristach band once again invited the traditional festival on August 13 and 14 on Schattseite. The weekend of the festival opened on Saturday with a great parade. After the final touches to the fairgrounds, the two guest bands walked in. At first the band Harmoniemusik Bartholomäberg of Vorarlberg played, before Weiz’s “Elin Stadtkapelle” set the tone. When “Junge Wernberger” entered the stage, the festival area was packed.

The sun was shining again the next day of the feast, while the most delicious food and music were served at Tratte. The traditional band Irschen has already managed to put the audience in the mood for Schunkel with a creative morning programme. Then it was easy for the “Alpenblech” to transfer the guests from the beer benches to the tables. After the last pint of beer dripped from the tap into the glass and the last schnitzel arrived on the plate, the church day ended with the sounds of Tristach dance music.

Slide show: Elena Einhauer

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