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Dubrovnik bans trolleys from the historic Old Town

Dubrovnik bans trolleys from the historic Old Town

The Croatian port city of Dubrovnik bans wheeled bags in its historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Croatian media reported that the carts make so much noise in the limestone streets that tourists have to carry them. The bag ban, imposed at the start of this year’s tourism season, is one of the measures the southern city of Dalmatia is taking to combat noise pollution.

There should be no penalties for vacationers who do not adhere to the new rules. “We will not punish anyone, but we will enlighten them in the talks,” Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Frankovic told regional broadcaster N1. As he explained, the city responds to local residents’ complaints with such measures.

In November, baggage storage points will be set up in the city center where vacationers can deposit their bags. The city will then ensure that the luggage is transported to their accommodation. The mayor has other plans. He told Jutarni List that the aim is to set up a logistics center at Dubrovnik Airport, where all luggage will be delivered directly to the accommodation. After that, tourists are no longer allowed to take suitcases into the old town.

In order to inform visitors to Dubrovnik about the rule in force, an animated video has been created, which will be shown on Croatia Airlines flights and on cruise ships for the time being. For years it was forbidden to walk in the Old City in bathing suits. Visitors are also not allowed to climb the tracks or take pets off-leash. Bicycles, among other things, are prohibited in the Old Town.

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In the fight against noise in the historic city center, the city administration is particularly strict against loud music in bars. An upper noise limit has been in place since last year, compliance with which is monitored using permanently installed measuring instruments. If it is too loud in the restaurant, the balcony will be closed for a week plus a fine. In the event of a third violation, the restaurant can expect to permanently close the terrace. Because of these measures, which limited the noise level outside to 55 decibels, the media described the Old City as a “non-conductive area”.