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LIVE: Women’s parallel races at Lech/Zürs 2021/22 – Preliminary report, starting list and live pointer – Start time: Final at 5pm.

Lech/Zorse – Today the women compete in a parallel competition at the Flexinarina in Lech/Zorse. For them, if you ignore the Olympic decision in China, this is the only race of its kind this winter. Last year’s winner, Slovakian Petra Vlova, American Mikaela Shifrin and a few other skating greats starred during their absence. As the first listed athlete prepares for Levi’s slalom, the Solden winner has back problems. (KO’s official FIS roster takes place in the final, as well as a live FIS tape of the women’s parallel race at Lech Zürs at 5 p.m., can be found on our list)

Ski World Cup data and facts about
Women’s Parallel Races at Lech Zures

FIS Starting List Qualifier in Lech Zures
Direct index qualification from FIS in Lech Zures
FIS Intermediate Result After Qualification
FIS Start List KO System in Lech Zürs – KO
FIS-Liveticker KO system in Lech Zürs – KO
FIS-Endstand Parallel-Rechen Lech Zürs

Overall position in the Women’s World Cup in 2021/202

Nations Cup: Women’s Cup
Nations Cup: overall standings

** All data will be updated as soon as it is received

Round of 16 women

Thea Louise Stegersund (1) vs. Vanessa Casper (16)
Lara Gut Bahrami (8) vs. Mart Monsen (9)
Marta Pacino (5) vs.
Andrea Ellenberger (12)
Lena Dor (4): Marina Jacinica – Daniel (13)
Kristen Lisdale (3) vs.
Brunner Stephanie (14)
Tina Rubinick (6)
Elisa Morzinger (11)
Sarah Hector (7): Katharina Linsberger (10)
Andrea Solgar (2)
Choral Firas Sombet (14)

After two rounds, the Norwegian decided Thea Louise Stegersund He qualified himself with a time of 48.05 seconds. Slovenian Andrea Solcar (+0.42) becomes a teammate before the Stjernesunds Kristen Anna Lesdal (+0.49) sec. The German presents himself well Lina Dor (+0.51) which swings down to fourth place. World Champion Marta Pacino (+0.54) from Italy comes in fifth place. Tina Rubinick (+0.56), another Slovenian, is in sixth place.

Swedish Sarah Hector The seventh is 62 hundredths of a second slower than Stjernesund. We also find in the last sixteen Lara Gut Bahrami (+0.66), who ranks eighth best Swiss woman. Good Vikings score is approaching Martin Monsen (+0.69) ninth. Katharina Linsberger From Austria, in Cortina d’Ampezzo with world champion Bassino ex aequo, he finished 10th in qualifying. You are 0.87 seconds behind Stjernesund.

Also in the afternoon can Elisa Morzinger (+0.94), which is currently the eleventh time. the Union Andrea Ellenberger (+0.98) You must be satisfied with the 12th place. Marina Jacinica Daniel (13.; +1.01) from Poland, ÖSV . athlete Stephanie BrunnerFrench Choral Firas Sombet (14. ; +1.09 each) Approximately 15 best. Vanessa Casper (+1.26), another Swiss Ski woman, was only 16th from qualifying for the round of 16 in the afternoon.

Women’s Parallel Race at Lech/Zorse 2021/22 – Preliminary report, starting list and live pointer – Start time: Qualifying 10am / Final 5pm.

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Lech/Zorse – There will also be a women’s parallel race at the Ski World Cup in the 2021/22 Olympic Winter. The event scene is Flexinarina In Lech/Zorse. After a two-round qualifying round (10 a.m.), the top 16 women compete in the final (5 p.m.). The eighth, quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand finals will also be decided in two rounds. The Official FIS Qualification and Couples List as well as the FIS Live Tape can be found on our list as soon as you arrive!

Something about timing: In qualifying, the times of the two runs are added together. The top 16 on the time list are qualified for the final at 5 p.m. There are also World Cup counters for those who were ranked 17-30 and were not used in the finals. The total time of the two qualifying rounds is crucial here.

In the final in the late afternoon, the time gap after the first round can be a maximum of half a second.

Placement sessions will be held from the quarter-finals. Women who are eliminated from the round of 16 will be included in the list of results according to their time.

Last season there were two parallel competitions on the show. Won in Lech/Zürs, two weeks later than originally scheduled Petra Flova from Slovakia. Paula Moltzan From the USA he finished second and climbed to the World Cup podium for the first time. The Swiss Confederation took a photo of the first three Lara Gut Bahrami Completed.

As part of the World Figure Skating Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo he was there with the Italians Marta Pacino The Austrian Katharina Linsberger Two winners. The latter would surely be very excited about it home race In Lech/Zorse. The bronze medal in the World Cup went to the experienced French Tessa Worley.

It must also be said that in this year’s appearance in Vorarlberg With the azure actors Federica Brignoni And Sophia JogjaBut also with the Americans Michaela Schiffrin And Petra Flova, four famous athletes have gone missing.

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