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Smart Meter Conversion: Meter No. 100,000 has been installed in Bradl.

Smart Meter Conversion: Meter No. 100,000 has been installed in Bradl.

Since 2021, IKB has been busy replacing all existing electricity meters in Innsbruck with digital meters. These new smart meters help you analyze your energy consumption and save electricity. 83 percent of all 121,000 electricity meters in Innsbruck have been replaced with new devices.

Innsbruck. The digital electricity meter is an essential element of the energy transition – and therefore its installation is mandatory throughout the EU. The data provided by a smart meter is important to better understand your energy needs and get to the bottom of your energy consumers. They decide themselves how often customers send meter information to IKB: either annual consumption, daily consumption or daily quarter-hour values. “If you analyze the quarter-hour values, you can even identify individual electrical appliances in the house that require a particularly large amount of electricity: if energy consumption increases significantly, for example while washing clothes, washing dishes or watching TV, the appliances in question should be checked And replace it if necessary“, says IKB CEO Helmuth Müller. The smart meter thus helps in keeping electricity consumption low and takes immediate measures if necessary.

83 percent of electricity meters in Innsbruck have been replaced

The replacement of electricity meters in Innsbruck is progressing as planned; With its 100,000th smart meter, IKB has already replaced 83 percent of all 121,000 electricity meters in Innsbruck with new devices. “We will replace all remaining electricity meters by the fall of 2024. “We are currently implementing more complex counter-frauds, especially on single-family homes in the surrounding communities, but also sometimes in the city,” he says. Roland Thewald, Director of the IKB Department of Electricity Network. Customers will receive a timely information letter before changing the meter.

questions and answers

How does a smart meter work?
It measures and stores continuous energy consumption and sends digital data in encrypted form to the grid operator at specified time intervals.
What is the benefit of a smart meter?
It provides a detailed overview of personal electricity consumption. This means that you can look for energy saving possibilities at any time and use electricity more consciously and efficiently. The use of renewable energies can also be better coordinated and optimally designed.
How safe is a smart meter?
IKB attaches great importance to data protection and security. All transmitted consumption values ​​are encrypted according to modern standards. The devices themselves are equipped with a tamper-evident system, which immediately reports any tampering attempt to IKB.
Who gets the smart meter?
Traditional meters are no longer produced or maintained. For this reason, all systems are being converted into smart electricity meters. The exchange is free and is based on EU requirements.
Who installs the smart meter?
The mechanics from the IKB Smart Meter team install the smart electricity meter in place of the previous one – professionally and easily. The exchange usually takes only a few minutes. There may be a brief power outage. In most cases, you do not need to be present during the installation. If so, we will arrange an appointment with you at a convenient time.

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