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Börse Express – Casio launches a metaverse-based virtual journey through the world of G-SHOCK durability testing

Börse Express – Casio launches a metaverse-based virtual journey through the world of G-SHOCK durability testing

The new G-SHOCK THE RIDE experience is Casio’s second offering of VRChat-based content

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of G-SHOCK THE RIDE, a virtual attraction that allows users to participate in Casio’s durability tests on the G-SHOCK series of shock-resistant watches. The amusement park-like virtual ride can be accessed via the social virtual reality platform VRChat.

In October 2023, Casio opened a virtual G-SHOCK STORE on VRChat to provide metaverse-based content to provide visitors with G-SHOCK customization experiences and to see what VRChat avatars look like when created by them wearing the watches. The area aims to serve as a connection point between the G-SHOCK brand and new users.

As its second offering of VRChat-based content, Casio is now launching G-SHOCK THE RIDE, a ride-like attraction that provides users with simulated experiences while testing the durability of future G-SHOCK.

While G-SHOCK THE RIDE is based on G-SHOCK durability tests conducted at the Hamura R&D Center, a development center for the brand’s watches, it goes further and includes a story that imagines what these durability tests could look like in the future. This attraction invites users to ride a G-SHOCK with their avatar as if they were taking an amusement park ride to enjoy the kind of surreal, transcendent experiences that can only be found in virtual spaces. In addition to the playful fun of G-SHOCK THE RIDE, the attraction is a space that expresses G-SHOCK’s true and realistic vision with the brand’s rigorous durability tests to ensure unparalleled flexibility to ensure the watches. .

■ About VRChat

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VRChat is a virtual reality metaverse platform that allows users to take the form of avatars and have interactive experiences in virtual worlds. Millions of people have formed a variety of user communities through which they can move freely in the metaverse spaces on the platform.

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