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Smart Movement Solutions: Hyundai Acquires Robotics Company In The United States | News

Hyundai Motor announced on Monday that it wants to build a “robotics value chain” ranging from robotic parts manufacturing to clever logistics solutions.

Boston Dynamics is valued at $ 1.1 billion (approximately 25 925 million) after the transaction. Hyundai took an 80 per cent stake, while the previous owner, Japanese technology group Softbank, held the remaining 20 per cent through a subsidiary.

Demo videos with robots from Boston Dynamics have been causing a stir for years – and they show the advancement of technology. Robots, human-based movements, were at first difficult to maintain their balance. In the meantime, they have mastered the complex sequences of movements, and if you change them you can run, jump, use the stairs, carry boxes and stand as you wish. Boston Dynamics now sells the “spot” robot, which moves like a dog, as the first commercial product, for example security services. New York police received one of the “spot” robots for their actions – but quickly dismissed it after criticism.

Boston Dynamics has seen many changes in ownership over the past few years. Initially, the company was acquired by Google (Alphabet C (formerly Google)). But the Internet company, increasingly targeted by competitors and critics in the technology sector, has slashed its robotics plans. Softbank acquired Google Boston Dynamics in 2017 – there were also plans to make robots more trustworthy at the time. Meanwhile, the Japanese team is tightening its portfolio after billions of bad investments in office space provider WeWork.

Hyundai – along with its sister brand Kia – is currently trying to transform itself into a provider of “smart mobility solutions”. This includes investments in future technologies, including self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, aircraft for urban operation and robots.

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