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Plenty: Battery replacement pilot programs in the US and Japan

Shell-backed US startup Ampl has sealed off two partnerships over the past few days to use its technology to replace batteries in e-vehicles in Japan and the United States.

In the case of Japan, Amber has partnered with local energy company Enios. Over the next year, both companies plan to test Ambly’s fully automatic battery transfer technology with several passenger transport and distribution companies in the first project. Part of the collaboration in Japan is a study of the compatibility of transmission stations, which are “large standard batteries for improving energy use and providing emergency power supply”.

Amble has formed a separate partnership with Sally, a New York City-based auto rental company for ride-by-ride, taxi and delivery services. Amber and Sally plan to provide battery replacement service in major US cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Ampl relies on a battery replacement system based on automated robotics and brilliant battery technology and can equip every electric car with a fully charged battery in just a few minutes. Networks of such transfers can be “installed in an entire city within six weeks,” the company said.

One of the shells of the existing fast charging infrastructure is called amber Supported the US start, Not available in sufficient quantity, and it only charges 80 percent, degrades the batteries and often fails to meet the needs of professional drivers. Ironically, fast charging is also very slow. “We believe that a fully integrated service that integrates electric vehicles and efficient power supply systems is critical to the success of electric vehicles in the rightshare, taxi and last mile industries,” says Amber promoting its switch station approach. In addition to exchanging batteries, restrooms and toilets also have access to stations., (Both Japan), (USA)

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