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Smite 2 announced: The “true sequel” is said to be the best of everything

Smite 2 announced: The “true sequel” is said to be the best of everything

Yes, you heard right. Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games are working on something big. Can we call it divine? It is a sequel to HitWhich will be called “Multiply 2”. The beta version of the game is scheduled to begin this year.

Smite 2 makes everything better without losing the charm of Smite

In the presentation, the developer confirms that this is a true sequel – and not a very major update. A little pass hits me right in the ribs as an Overwatch 2 player.

Smite 2 is built on Unreal Engine 5.2 and offers easier entry, better understanding, and more divine movement and strategic possibilities with a sleeker look. Basically, every area of ​​the game has fine-tuning of one kind or another.

Hit 2: Here you can see material from pre-alpha

However, the developers wanted to keep the essence of Smite. The strike should not be reinvented, but rather improved in all areas. The goddesses receive an update and the long-wanted goddess Hecate also appears in the sequel. New technical features are introduced, sleeker animations are revealed and new mechanics are integrated into the game – such as exciting options to move around the map via the teleporter or into new stealth areas.

The matchmaking process, ranked system, shop, and items have also been redesigned, as well as the UI. The list is long and it is clear that the developer has put a lot of thought into how to improve every little detail in this MOBA game. However, we have not yet been able to test how this works in practice.

Top questions about Smite 2

When will Wham 2 be released? The first alpha tests are scheduled for spring, and betas are scheduled for mid-year. However, it is currently unclear when the game will officially debut for PC, Steam Deck, Xbox Series, and PS5. At least we know that Smite 2 will launch with around 50 gods and will add new and old heroes at regular intervals.

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What happens to Smite? Don't worry. The beating stays with you but the developer will no longer be releasing any new content updates for the old game – including the lack of new gods. However, there is no definite end in sight for Smite.

What happens to my purchased content? Unfortunately, these items are not included directly in Smite 2 – that would be too complex technically. But the developers have come up with a system in which you receive a special currency for all the content you have purchased and earned and can use it to unlock rewards.