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WhatsApp introduces a blue tick – two more new functions are planned

WhatsApp introduces a blue tick – two more new functions are planned

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WhatsApp is testing a new update in the beta version of its messaging software. Audiophiles in particular will be happy with this.

Munich – WhatsApp It is one of the most popular and widely used messaging services. Therefore, the company is testing the beta version of its application New updates for suitability for daily useBefore it is available to all users. The latest test run with version is particularly pleasing to audiophiles.

WhatsApp with update: A new feature for video calls that allows a better audio experience

Blog Details mentioned: In the business version of the app, the update now allows beta users to listen to music and video recordings together. This is done over a video call when a participant shares their screen. If a person shares their screen, the audio or video playing will also be shared with other participants in the conversation.

The synchronous experience works in both a group call and one-on-one chat. The goal is to create a shared and more intense experience for participants, increasing the sense of belonging within the community WhatsApp Messenger They should be strengthened – regardless of their location.

A new WhatsApp feature for beta testers and business users

For now, the feature will only be available to some beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp for Android updates from the Google Play Store. In the coming weeks, it will be expanded to include more beta users. However, the feature is not available for purely voice calls. Another WhatsApp update was not immediately apparent to all users recently.

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On WhatsApp, you'll soon be able to listen to music together during calls. (montage) © GDA/La Nacion/Newscom/Imago; Screenshot of WABetaininfo

Other improvements planned for WhatsApp relate to security and appearance, including color

Additionally, the WhatsApp update will introduce innovation in security. Businesses on WhatsApp should receive a blue check mark for verified channels, as other meta apps like Instagram already use. This feature is currently under development.

With the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS, WhatsApp is running loudly And perhaps also to introduce different colors for the application. This is intended to change the typical green color to black, pink or blue. Recently, there have also been ideas to make changes to the profile picture And improvements to chat productivity. (YH)