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Smuggling allegations against Kim Kardashian |

Smuggling allegations against Kim Kardashian |

It is believed that an ancient Roman statue was imported illegally to the United States. The reality TV star is said to be Jupiter.

In 2016, an ancient Roman statue was confiscated in the Port of Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian’s name now appears as an importer of the statue in a court file of a civil lawsuit by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The statue will be returned to Italy. This was justified by a statement by an Italian archaeologist explaining that the statue was looted and imported illegally into the United States. The statue is the lower half of a woman’s body, part of Sami Athena from Meron from the 1st to 2nd centuries AD.

Kim Kardashian bought the statue from Belgian art dealer Axel Fairfordt or the sale went to the Noel Robert Trust, which concerns the buying and selling of real estate by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Fairfort is said to have furnished the property of the now-separated couple. The shipment included a total of 40 items, including furniture, antiques and decorations, valued at more than $ 745,000, according to court records.

Kardashian makes allegations

Kardashian himself denies the allegations. “NBC News” quoted a Kardashian spokesman as saying, “This is the first time that you hear about the existence of Stout.” “We believe it may have been purchased in her name without permission, and because she never received it, she was not aware of the deal. We support the investigation and hope that the statue will be returned to its rightful owners.”

Art dealer Axel Fairfordt also dismissed the allegations. The statue is said to have been purchased by a French gallery, who in turn acquired it from a German auction house.

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