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So you can see the jump in Bischofshofen live on TV and live today

So you can see the jump in Bischofshofen live on TV and live today

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The final of the Four Hills Championship will be held in Bischofshofen. This is how you can watch the highlights of ski jumping events live on TV and streaming.

Bischofshofen – Everything is ready for Andreas Fellinger. Family comes, colleagues play “cheerleaders”, and from a distance, Sven Hannawald, Martin Schmidt and Jens Weisflug hold their fingers crossed. “I know what is at stake: a lot,” says the Bavarian before exchanging final blows with Ryoyu Kobayashi for overall victory in the 72nd Four Hills Championship. “This will be the grand finale.”

Four Hills Championship in Bischofshofen: Here you can watch the competitions live on TV and broadcast live

  • Like all other dates Four Hills Championship You will jump too Bischofshofen Live on free TV Referred.
  • It is broadcast by ARD channel Jumping And the Qualification from Bischofshofen is direct. On too Eurosport The competition can be seen live.
  • from There is no TV She has, she can do it Jumping and qualifying In the Live broadcast Follow on or

Since Hannawald's quadruple win 22 years ago, Germany's ski jumping has been waiting for a Tour winner, and no one has come as close as Fellinger since. The 28-year-old has to catch the Japanese leader on Saturday (4.30pm / ARD and Eurosport) in Bischofshofen by 4.8 points or two and a half metres. Very little – but a lot.

Wellinger's advantage: He knows the Paul-Außerleitner-Schanze area like no one else, loves it and trains there regularly. Disadvantages: Kobayashi also loves natural ski jumping – he has won there twice. “Anything can happen” in Bischofshofen, says the Olympic champion, the 11th German to win the Tour: “You can win it all in one jump – or lose it all.”

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Four Hills Championships in Innsbruck: then the qualifying and jumping events

  • January 5, 2024: the Eligible In Bischofshofen Starts at 4:30 p.m. in Answer And Eurosport Transmissions begin 4 pm.
  • January 6, 2024: the Jumping In Bischofshofen Starts at 4:30 p.m. in Answer And Eurosport Transmissions begin 4:15 pm.

Hanwald wants Willinger to be the winner

Its discoverer, Werner Schuster, continues his firm faith in Eullinger. “Maybe it would be better if Andy now became a striker. If you had to write a script, you would have to write it exactly like this,” the former national coach told the Allgäuer Zeitung/Heilbronner Stimme newspaper. That.” Former world champion Schmidt also sees good opportunities for Wellinger.

And Hannawald, who was not only the last German to win the Tour in 2002, but also the last German to win in Bischofshofen? “I finally want to get rid of my bag, after 22 years, it's really time. But Andy has to show two great jumps,” says the 49-year-old.

Ryoyu Kobayashi or Andreas Wellinger: who will win the Four Hills Championship? © Imago/Ulrich Wagner

Wellinger before the coup? The head plays a crucial role

Willinger's teammates, who have been somewhat disappointing on the tour so far, also want to help. “Andy was born for exactly these moments,” said his roommate Stefan Leahy. Karl Geiger has promised to do everything he can to support Wellinger: “We will be fans.” It's an idea that made Willinger smile. “Cheerleader?” “What outfit?”

In the end, Wellinger has to fight for the crown alone in Epiphany. The head plays a big role, as Hannawald could not sleep 22 years ago in Bischofshofen. On the other hand, Willinger certainly looks comfortable. He doesn't want to let the thought of the tour win just yet, but he also knows that “suppressing it won't do any good. When these thoughts come, you have to take them and direct them in the right direction. I'm managing that well.”

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Kobayashi is the first Tour winner without a daily win since 1999?

But Kobayashi can go into the final more comfortably. The taciturn Japanese has won the Tour twice, and can also enjoy the peace and quiet away from home. “I'm in a good mood, but Andreas is a really tough opponent,” says the 27-year-old, who is on the cusp of a special breakthrough. Kobayashi could become the first Tour winner without a single-day win since Jan Ahonen in 1999.

Only Willinger will be able to prevent that – and perhaps the rain expected on Saturday that could affect the ski jump. But as Weißflog, a four-time Tour winner, once said: “If it works, you can handle the biggest bastards.”your master)