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Solar energy storage pilot project -

Solar energy storage pilot project –


PV systems often produce electricity when it cannot be consumed, so returning it is economically unattractive. Holzwelt Murau is now starting a pilot project in which excess solar energy is stored.

Plenty of electricity in summer, but very little in winter: this is how you would describe the productivity of PV systems in the Murau region in particular – and this is where the Holzwelt-Murau pilot system comes into play.

“365 days a year” for €80,000

“We have developed a pilot project in our Wood World office, where we have installed a 15 kW PV system. This is linked to a hydrogen power cell that converts excess electricity into hydrogen and then converts it back into electricity via a fuel cell during a period of power shortage. So we are independent at The office is 365 days a year,” said Holzwelt General Manager Harald Kraxner.

The experimental hydrogen energy cell including solar cells costs €80,000. The office is now energy self-sufficient, so it no longer has to buy electricity, and henceforth how efficient the system will be will also be recorded – for example, the magnitude of losses when hydrogen is converted back into electricity with a fuel cell in winter.

Hope signal effect

According to Kraxner, Holzwelt sees above all the technical knowledge gained and the effect of the signal as an added value, and they want to “generate additional value in the region through renewable energy”. The system also aims to show whether hydrogen could support the energy transition in the Murau region if these systems were jointly operated and construction costs were reduced as a result.

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