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Solar Probe: The probe delivers the first films of solar flares

Solar Probe: The probe delivers the first films of solar flares

During its mission, the Solar Orbiter space probe recorded the first films of particle explosions from the sun’s atmosphere. The European Space Agency said some of these alleged solar winds were detected by several instruments on board the plane while the sun was flying. Which – which With.

A in Youtube Post a video showing the scene:

Solar storms are likely to increase

The sun goes through phases where you are sometimes more active, sometimes less active. Most of the time, solar storms are noticeable as natural beauty. At high latitudes, they make the air shine with auroras, as a low geomagnetic field allows them to penetrate deep into the atmosphere.

Far from the poles, the magnetic field protects our planet from particles from the Sun – naturally. But strong solar storms compress the magnetic field so that electrically charged particles can reach Earth.

For the past year and a half it has been so Sun Remarkably quiet. However, according to satellite data, one has A new cycle of sun activity has begun – The peak is expected in 2025. Such solar storms can lead to technical problems such as failure Navigation systems or satellite damage.

The probe, controlled by the control center in Darmstadt, recorded the film during a close flight in February, but the data has only reached Earth now. Reason: who Land From the point of view of the image, the probe was behind the sun. That’s why it took so long to transfer data, according to Esa.

The ESA mission and the US space agency, worth about 1.5 billion euros NASA He was from Cape Canaveral, United States, in February 2020 Florida Started. There are ten scientific instruments on board the 1.8-ton orbiter. Researchers hope to gain new knowledge about the sun and the magnetic field. The “orbiting solar module” is said to fly up to 42 million kilometers from the sun. The Solar Orbiter’s main scientific mission is scheduled to begin in November.

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