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Cancellation bonus request for April from today «

Cancellation bonus request for April from today «

To date, € 1.3 billion has been paid out a virtual reward of 226,000 applications.

Jul 19, May 16, 2021

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Starting tomorrow, Sunday, companies can apply for the April cancellation bonus. In this way, they will be compensated for a portion of the decline associated with closing sales. The subsidy, which was in effect until March, was extended to April. Anyone who recorded a decrease of at least 40 percent in sales could receive a 30 percent compensation for the drop, the Finance Ministry recalls. Support of up to 50,000 EUR can be requested for a cancellation bonus.

In addition, up to 15 percent of the April sales loss can be requested as a down payment on fixed cost support, an additional amount of up to € 30,000.

Minister of Finance Gernot Blumel In this context, ÖVP indicates that companies must continue to operate in order for the economy to recover. “With a hypothetical reward, we have started a very effective, broad-based aid program,” the finance minister said.

To date, 226,458 applicants have been paid € 1.3 billion, an average of € 5,700 per application. 98.4 percent of requests were handled by COFAG.

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