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Somsi Cup 2024 Final

Somsi Cup 2024 Final

LH-Deputy Eisenkopf and LR Winkler: Draßburg Elementary wins state title

The grand final of the 2024 Sumsie Cup was held at state level in Klingenbach – the football championship for primary schools in Burgenland. The top 14 teams who qualified in the regional preliminary rounds competed for the Burgenland title at the sports stadium in Klingenbach. “Football is the most popular team sport in the world. This is noticeable in the Euro 2024 tournament currently being held in Germany. Here in Klingenbach, in the final of the Somsee Cup in the state of Burgenland, you can experience the enthusiasm for football first-hand in exciting matches. “Football is the most popular team sport in the world,” said Deputy State Governor Astrid. Eisenkopf at the awards ceremony with State Councilor for Education Daniela Winkler: “It was a really big event for the players, their fans and parents as well as the support teams. “The Somsey Cup once again emphasized the importance of school sport in promoting team spirit and sporting ambition.” Congratulations to all participating teams! You have demonstrated great achievements thanks to great commitment and teamwork. My special thanks also go to all the students, teachers and team of organisers, whose commitment makes events like this possible.

“Sports in general are very good for children's health and also provide a lot of learning potential: teamwork, fairness, respect, reliability and the desire to help are values ​​that are part of children's daily lives – whether it is at school, on the playground or at home to play an important role. When playing games In team sports, children learn all these qualities. With soccer, children spend more time outdoors and get more exercise, which is crucial for an overall healthy life. But the most important thing about children's sports is that they are fun.

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The SUMSI Cup is a football tournament for primary schools in Burgenland. The game is played according to U10 rules in teams of four field players and a goalkeeper. The Drasburg Primary School team won the 2024 championship title, the Oberwart Primary School team took second place, and the Nikic players took third place.

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Sumsi_Cup_2024_1_Platz_Drasburg: The 2024 SUMSI Cup winning team from Drasburg Primary School with supervisors, coaches and sponsor representatives Raiffeisen with (2nd row, from left) Gaby Pinter (trophy organiser), Robert Viger (Vice President of Burgenland Football Association) (Association), Michaela Seidl (Directorate of Education Burgenland ), State Education Councilor Daniela Winkler, Alfred Lehner (Directorate of Education Burgenland), Harald Zenel (Directorate of Education Burgenland), Lieutenant Governor Astrid Eisenkopf, Mayor Kurt Fischer (Baumgarten), Mayor Christoph Haider (Dreisburg), Karin Faulmann – Artner (Directorate of Education Burgenland), Victoria Roth (Director of VS Winden) and Werner Zwickl (Directorate of Education Burgenland)

Sumsi_Cup_2024_2_Platz_Oberwart: Oberwart Primary School team with State Education Chancellor Daniela Winkler (left) and Lieutenant Governor Astrid Eisenkopf

Sumsi_Cup_2024_3_Place_Nikitsch: Nikic Primary School team with Robert Viger (Vice-President of the Burgenland Football Association), State Counselor for Education Daniela Winkler, Alfred Lehner (Director of Education of Burgenland), Deputy Governor Astrid Eisenkopf and Karin Vokmann-Artner (Directorate of Education of Burgenland). ) and Harald Zenel (Directorate of Education in Burgenland)

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June 19, 2024

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