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Göstling - "Fit active with Heidi Sykora": Presentation book

Göstling – “Fit active with Heidi Sykora”: Presentation book

Created on August 20, 2022 | 11:10

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Heidi Sikora

Heidi Sikora and her new book.


FFitness expert Heidi Sikora publishes her first book on fitness. You’ll also be presenting this at the regional festival on September 4.

“The time has finally come,” says sports scientist Heidi Sikora gleefully. For a year and a half, Göstlingerin showed how to stay active and fit in the ORF. I have developed special exercise programs for this.

These can also be found in her first book “Fit aktiv mit Heidi Sykora”. She wants to appeal to young and old, people who have hardly done any sports before, and of course, fitness conscious in equal measure. “It was important to me that my book contained training modules for each day, but also muscle strengthening exercises for specific areas such as the hip, knee, neck and spine joints. The meditation area is not neglected either. In addition to TV programmes, Sykoras-Erstwerk offers deepening knowledge of the body and resources Energy in. Each exercise is clearly explained with words and pictures.By scanning the QR code, readers can also watch each chapter again in a video.

The book can be purchased at retail outlets or directly from the publisher for 25 euros.

It will be officially presented on September 1st in Vienna in the presence of many former sports greats and celebrities. But there is also the opportunity to buy it as part of the “Frühschoppen” on September 4 at the regional festival in Lunz.