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Sonic Frontiers - Everything you need to know about the new game

Sonic Frontiers will come in 2022, SEGA hasn’t mentioned any release

The game is only on the radar of many players when there is one release day has: in vocal boundaries SEGA takes its time. So they say it’s coming this year, but there is no date. “Holiday 2022” – which means something like “Before Christmas 2022” is still the stated goal of the blue hedgehog open-zone adventure.

Although Sonic fans around the world are excited about the release of Frontiers, the reveal of gameplay was met with mixed reactions. Is the game even in “capable release status” some fans wondered. And I felt it too First gameplay revealed as ‘soulless’. I mean, there is a big world from which I walk to one corner or another and can kind of “experience something”. but good, Even SEGA says it “cannot be compared to other games”.

Despite all the question marks, only one thing seems certain: Sonic Frontiers Coming in 2022.

Sonic Frontiers: Release date later this year

How do we know? SEGA recently held a first-quarter briefing conference to share its forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2023. He answered during the report Koichi FukazawaSenior Executive Vice President of Sega, and Makoto TakahashiEVP A variety of different questions of course some of them too vocal boundaries. The main question was whether the game would be delayed due to “mixed reactions during gameplay reveal”.

Acoustic Frontiers – (C) SEGA

Fukazawa said (from VGC . copy): “We are not thinking about postponing the launch at the moment. When communicating with users, we intend to reverse the parts that can be reflected in the development timeline and build empathy among users. Sonic IP is a key stock that we will sell in the long term and we will continue to strengthen during the year upcoming financial.

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Does movie cinema provide the necessary sales booster?

Not only that Sonic Frontiers release in 2022 who will be heldExpectations of success are also high given the massive success of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

“We have high expectations for the release of Sonic Frontiers this winter. In the previous movie, repeat sales of Sonic titles grew and Sonic’s licensing business was also positively affected after the movie’s release. The same effect is expected this time in the movie, which was an even greater success than the previous movie, and while we aim To expand Sonic IP reach, we want to aim for the new address as well.”

despite of vocal boundaries It doesn’t have a release date, we know the game will take place in “Holiday 2022”. We’ll get a new Gamescom trailer later this month, and the date may already be ready.

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