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The mod unlocks 90Hz for display – Hardware

Google has with Pixel 6a phone We released a mid-range smartphone that has a few plus points – like pure Android with regular and fast updates, the company’s Tensor SoC and Google’s excellent camera software. However, many users were disappointed by the fact that the screen only works at 60Hz. However, the latter can be bypassed by modification.

Tinkerer is active on Twitter “TheLunarixus” It was able to power the monitor with its own custom ROM at 90Hz. He states that he wants to make this customization available to all users. The Verge has already tested the mod and confirmed that it works. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty: it is unclear whether Google will use the same screen here as on its high-end models. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro And simply disable 90Hz, or if the monitor is overclocked via mode.

Google has not yet commented on this. In order to use the mode, some tampering is necessary one way or another. Among other things, you must unlock the bootloader and install the Android 13 beta. In the developer settings, 90Hz can be forced at the end. However, it is still planned to release a simpler method of modification.

In the end, it makes sense to wait a little longer. If the modification has negative side effects, we will probably hear about it soon.

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