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Sonnentor Kapfenberg: The Sun’s Gate is wide open

Sonnentor Kapfenberg: The Sun’s Gate is wide open

Since 2018 the Sonnentor store has been located next to the Kapfenberg Europa-Apotheke. A reason to celebrate.

Sonnentor shop in Kapfenberg celebrates from From March 30 to April 7, 2023 Fifth anniversary. During Holy Week there are several Sonnentor product tastings, a great contest and two fun lectures. On March 30th at 6:30 p.m., wild herbalist guide Gerda Holzmann will explain the powerful treasures of the forest. On April 5th at 6.30pm there will be a lecture by Johannes Guttmann, founder of Sonnentor, on the association “Austria is suitable for grandchildren”.
During this time there are daily tastings and product presentations from the companies Zotter, Bitto Räucherwerk, Mauracherhof, Fandler, Hauschka, La Vialla, Riegelfabrik and Gutes from Obritz and Landgarten.

Membership stories

2018 was a special year for pharmacist Andrea Weser. She founded the Sonnentor Shop in Kapfenberg which is why Sonnentor Kapfenberg celebrates its fifth anniversary this year during Holy Week.
These five years have been marked by the joy of selling these valuable and sustainable organic products. Day after day, the Sonnentor team tells many stories about the production of teas and spices, and about the people behind them – that bring joy and satisfaction.
“We would like to say thank you to our customers for paying more and more attention to organic quality, plastic-free, sustainability and fairness and supporting the Sonnentor philosophy with us. In this way we can take a step towards a sustainable and livable future, ”explains Andrea Weser.

Sonentor Kapfenberg
Wienerstrasse 48
8605 Kapfenberg
T: +43 3862 22318-55
[email protected]

Andrea Weser has been with the Sonnentor Shop Kapfenberg team for five years alongside Europa-Apotheke.  |  Photo: Klaus Morgenstern
Andrea Wieser opened Sonnentor in 2018. |  Photo: Klaus Morgenstern

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