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Sony Patent: Are cloud browser games coming to PlayStation?

Sony Patent: Are cloud browser games coming to PlayStation?

Cloud streaming is already possible with the previous PlayStation Now service and now the redesigned PlayStation Plus subscription premium plan. Apparently, Sony wants to further integrate the PC into its ecosystem. According to a new patent from Sony, PlayStation games can soon be easily streamed via a web browser. Hence, problems like lost hardware or insufficient storage space will be a thing of the past.

After striving for a better subscription service, this is probably Sony’s attempt to compete with Microsoft’s cloud offensive. With Xbox, cloud technology is already used in many ways; For example, you can stream and play the Sci-fi shooter Halo or the Forza racing series on your tablet and smartphone device. Xbox Series X/S games can be played on older Xbox Ones thanks to cloud gaming.

PlayStation: Patent for “browser-based cloud gaming”

This is how Sony calls the idea, according to the magazine GameRant. While PlayStation Plus currently only works on Sony consoles, the new patent suggests that the service should work on a wide range of devices, as long as they use a web browser.

Sony patents a cloud attack for the PlayStation. – (C) GameRant / Sony

Unfortunately, no other details are known except for this photo. It is also questionable where GameRant obtained this information. On the other hand, the magazine recently obtained another PlayStation patent for Cloud Flow Optimization Foot.

If true, it remains to be seen whether this patent will be enforced in the near future. After all, at the moment nothing more: a patent.

Another issue that affects cloud gaming in general is the fact that not everyone has a stable and fast connection. So it remains a practical function, but not everyone can use it in any way.

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