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Sony ZV-E10: New Firmware 2.0

Sony came out five months ago APS-C ZV-E10 System Camera one only Firmware Update The post, which brings some improvements, but had to be announced a day later Which should be suspended for the time being.

Sony ZV-E10

Production stopped due to lack of chips

Shortly before that, Sony already had it Production stopped Some older cameras, such as the Sony Alpha 7 II, Alpha 6400 / Alpha 6100, and the Sony PXW-Z190 camcorder – as well as the (temporary) end of the Alpha 9 and Alpha 7R II camcorder announced at the beginning of the year.

The reason for this is the current shortage of chips due to delivery bottlenecks associated with the coronavirus, which is more serious than initially anticipated and means that more and more cameras are no longer available. The shortage affects not only complex chips, but also various, simple and very small components such as power supply integrated circuits and audio codec chips. Sony describes these production outages as temporary, but it’s not clear if or when production of these cameras will start again. Just how severe the crisis is is illustrated by the fact that Sony feels compelled to suspend even production of the camera that has just been introduced – Sony may now be focusing entirely on producing current, higher priced cameras with just a handful of existing cameras. Chips.

Sony ZV-E10

Sony ZV-E10 Firmware 2.0

Firmware update 2.0 provides compatibility with AF function with eye recognition for video recordings with animals for Sony ZV-E10 and fixes the touch issue shuttershutter (Touch trigger) may not work, and the operational stability of the camera will be improved.

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The Sony ZV-E10 System Camera is specifically designed for the needs of vloggers and can also be used as a webcam or live-streaming camera, for example. It has a larger sensor than the previous model ZV-1, because the APS-C sized Exmor CMOS sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, such as. Also in the Alpha 6600. As there, you can shoot in 4K / UHD at a maximum of 30 frames per second, since a sensor resolution higher than 4K (up to 2.4 times the resolution) is used. The range of height depends on the increase of samples frame rateframe rate and whether electronic image stabilization is active. in a High accuracyHigh accuracy Slow motion stretches to 120 pixels.