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Soon you won't need a smartphone anymore

Soon you won't need a smartphone anymore

WhatsApp developers are working on new functionalities for their app. This time, diligent additional development does not affect smartphone applications for Android or iPhone. Instead, updates ensure that you can use various features even without using your cell phone.

Soon you won't need a smartphone to get some of WhatsApp's features

Soon you won't need a smartphone to get some of WhatsApp's features

In the past few days, several new features have been noticed that aim to make using the popular messenger more convenient away from an iPhone or Android cell phone. The web version of WhatsApp is affected, allowing you to stay in touch with your friends from the browser without a smartphone. The new features can be seen, among other things, in status updates, relatively new usernames and the design of the web application.

WhatsApp: New design for the browser version

A new design for the web version was already spotted last September. This now shows a vertical arrangement instead of horizontal icons. In addition to do you see In the beta version, for example, filters for unread messages or group chats. In a new report he writes WABetaInfo However, now that WhatsApp developers have also tested the revised dark mode with this theme.

According to the report, the new dark mode differs not only in the changed arrangement of icons. Adjusting the colors should also make use more comfortable by protecting the eyes. This innovation is currently not available for the browser version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web is set to receive a new sidebar and a revised dark mode

Status updates without a smartphone

Things look different with the next innovation. Like the page He writes, first beta testers of the web version can publish their status updates via the browser. This allows you to post photos, videos, or text directly from your PC or Mac.

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As with the smartphone version of WhatsApp, status updates are sent encrypted. If you use this function frequently, you will no longer have to switch back and forth between your browser and your smartphone in the future.

With WhatsApp Web, you'll soon be able to post status updates

Switching to the beta version of the WhatsApp web app is easy. If you have linked your account to, you can participate in the beta via the Help menu in Settings. After a short time, you'll see a message in the message overview to reload the app. The trial letters will then appear in the menu bar.

WhatsApp: Usernames are coming to the web

WhatsApp has been testing the use of usernames for some time. You can customize this for your account as well as your phone number. One benefit is that you no longer need to give out your number to new contacts. They can find you by name. If a new contact adds you using their username, your phone number will remain private. A positive step for your privacy.

In the web version of WhatsApp, you will be able to set your own username in the future

how WABetaInfo He writes, WhatsApp developers are now working on letting you choose a username via the web app. There is also a matching search function amendment. You can then use this to find contacts based on their usernames.