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Very big plans for 2024 under discussion –

Very big plans for 2024 under discussion –

Surface Laptop Go 3 heads

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In recent years, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface lineup, but it's fair to say that the company hasn't done more than it needed to do. Many of the upgrades to the Surface series are slightly smaller.

Microsoft: Two new Surface features for 2024

However, one thinks so Windows CentralThen we will see a more exciting Surface event in the spring, because Microsoft wants to present the first “true AI hardware” in 2024. The focus is on the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10.

There will likely be a revised design, thinner display bezels, and a completely new, modern chipset. These two products will be the “star of the show,” according to the source, but Microsoft also has a new version of the Surface Laptop Go planned.

Microsoft lost the head of its Surface division last year and we later learned that several planned products were cancelled. So this segment didn't get much love and the future of Surface smartphones is still uncertain.

Technology Trends for 2024: I'm excited about this one

Apple Vision Pro Office

A new year is approaching and in a few days CES 2024 will begin, where we will see the first highlights of the year. Then the new ones immediately follow […]January 1, 2024 Read now →

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